Tuesday, February 17, 2009

But Not You......

An enormous black cloud
Rose swiftly on the horizon
Looking like a pack of bears
Massed tightly together
Racing across the sky
Letting out a blood-curdling rumble
A shaft of jagged lightning
Tearing its way through the sky.

And then came the rain
Quick warm drops
Drenched my face and form
In the sheer delight of sensation
I gave up the struggle
Surrendering myself to the elements.

Cried I-----
Ah Wonderful ! How Wonderful !
I am so happy ! so happy !
Ah ! life could be so sweet
That was a cry from my soul
Heard by all created beings
Animate and inanimate
But not by you……….
But not by you……….

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Curiosity or Illusion..........
No to theoritical questions
Theories solve less
Confuse more.
No to Philosophical questions
Linguistic confusion they are
Never meant to be answered.
The metaphysical questions
Though real questions they are
Cannot be answered
Only solved so
No to these too.

Only personal questions to self,
Only intimate questions to self,
Only existential questions to self
Have concern with the questioner
Open a new dimension
Add something to existence
Give impetus to transformation
Are really needed;
And these are landmarks of
Journey of spirituality.......
A search of self.


A form of
A name of
Effortless understanding of
not of
That is why science
Cannot understand GOD
Cannot understand LOVE.

Cannot be
Cannot be
Less to understand &
More to live.

Living without
Being in harmony
With self,
In acceptance
Of oneself,
A no conflict situation,
Just Spontenity,
A secured insecurity.

Paradoxes : Notes


Empty gestures
Repetitive acts
Mere formality
False bondage........
Killers of the spirit
Of spirituality.

Actions with heart
Alive gestures
Spontaneous expression
Open to modification
Ladder to spirituality.


Imposed from outside
Obedience to others
Kind of slavery
Superficial behavior.

Arising out of understanding
Obedience to inner voice
Never against freedom
Step towards freedom.

Tears : Notes

I cry and I cry
When I am happy
When I am sad 
When I am hurt
When I am sharing 
When I am caring;
In my prayers
In my separation
In my fullness
In my emptiness.

Tears lubricate
Love and love songs
Joy of a wedding
Sorrow of a funeral
Private pains and
Public rituals.
Tears allow 
Absorbing a blow
Feeling better and
Thinking clear
For someone lost.

Tears cleanse but
Like flash flood
Leave me feeling 
Stranded and shocked;
Sometimes rallying
Support and sympathy but
At times bringing 
More shame than relief
More misery than company