Monday, June 8, 2009

Reality : A Note To Myself......

Believe me My Dear !

Misery is not as big as you make it

Be very factual if you really wish to be real

You cannot get out of fiction

You can get out of facts

Facts can be tackled

Fiction cannot be tackled…….


This is the way of mind

The way of ego

To magnify everything

To make everything look big

And then to start suffering in a big way

The cause is not the big

The effect can be very big

My Dear! all depends on you

There are, of course, people

Who get pleasure in suffering

Who get attention by magnifying miseries…….


My Dear! Look again

Consider again

Do reconsider the whole situation

Just ask a question to yourself :

“What is that you are calling ‘utterly miserable’ ?

And in answer you will get :

‘Just ordinary facts of life’

But you do not want to be ordinary

The ego hankers to be extraordinary

Even if it is misery

It should be extraordinary.


Right now you are into it

Bring your misery to the level of reality

Watch it

Only reality can be observed

Fiction cannot be observed

Once reality is there

This is objective

Watch it

Suddenly happens a great realization

You are the watcher

And you are out of it……………….